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All books, notes and services available for purchase on darablack.com listed on one page! Click the title for more information and to purchase.

Virtuoso: Leaving Cert. Music - €15.95/€19.95
Virtuoso: Leaving Cert Music, a 2-in-1 text and revision book, a comprehensive guide to understanding and revising all aspects of the LC course. Available in paperback from good bookshops and an ebook from this website only.

Leaving Cert Basic Music Theory Notes - Free!

Junior Cert Notes - €15/€21
A comprehensive guide to understanding and revising the Junior Cert. course and also demonstrates exam standard answers. Will keep you on track while learning this very large course. Available to purchase in individual sets (A, B or C) and as a Teachers' Edition (all three sets).

Junior Cert. Goodie Bag - €15/ €16.50
A collection of worksheets covering a variety of topics useful for teachers and students. This comprehensive collection of worksheets comes with answers for easy corrections! It also comes with permission for teachers to photocopy the worksheets for students.

Junior Cert Basic Music Theory Notes- Free!