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What do I do?
I am a self-employed music teacher, author and publisher (or just "entrepreneur"!).

For eleven years I ran a school of music in Wicklow and taught worskhops around Ireland including glee club and songwriting. Since November 2015 I have lived in London where I now teach piano part-time while I study for an MA in history. (In London I work as Dara Howley.)

Resources for Irish students, teachers and parents will continue to be available on this website. Correspondence courses and corrections services are still available.

I am the author and publisher of "Virtuoso: Leaving Cert Music" (a 2-in-1 text and revision book) and revision notes for Junior Cert. music and a Junior Cert "Goodie Bag' (a collection of worksheets).

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I code, design and update this website personally on an ongoing basis. Sales and queries are processed manually by myself also.

Contact information
Email: info[at]darablack.com
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